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    Advance medical technologies to make healthcare more accessible

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Founded in 2000, Kindmay Medical is a group enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of IVD products. We have a complete industrial chain covering the research and development, production and sales of diagnostic reagents and test kits. Relying on an innovative technology platform, high quality products, and a worldwide sales network, we actively expand and integrate the upstream and downstream industrial chain, create a third-party independent medical diagnosis platform to provide medical institutions "Integrated Solution for Medical Diagnosis Service".

Kindmay Medical focuses on the diagnosis, prediction and evaluation of diseases. We have a research and development team of experts in immunology, molecular biology, microbiology, medical laboratory science, etc., and has established genetic engineering, biological material preparation, colloidal gold technology, molecular biology, biochemical diagnosis, reference materials, mass spectrometry technology and other research laboratories.

Kindmay has established a professional sales team, established good business relationships with more than 70 countries and nearly 3,000 medical institutions, forming a nationwide product sales network.



Founded in 2000, Kindmay is one of the leading global providers of In-Vitro Diagnostic reagents and total solutions.

For the past 20 years Kindmay Medical is working on research and development of IVD products. In particular, Dismart® Helicobacter Pylori Urease Antibody Test Kit (HP) has secured its largest market share in China, showing a unique competitiveness.

As a products and solutions provider with a deep focus on healthcare, Kindmay is leading the way in exploring new markets through the development of Dismart® POCT and PCR products. We have built up our reputation successfully by carrying out various national R&D projects based on solid technology, experience, and human resources accumulated over the years.

In addition, Kindmay is developing the Microbial Alarm Solution that integrates MALDI-TOF and IT technology to effectively manage the biosafety.

All employees of Kindmay is making every effort with pride that we are striving to develop and share medical technologies and devotes to provide better care for all human being.

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    Shenzhen Bay Science & Technology Ecological Park,
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